Beth's Books

Beth has written three books:

Voyager's Handbook Cover

Voyager's Handbook is the 2nd edition of a comprehensive manual leading you step by step through every aspect of choosing, planning, and following the voyager’s life. This edition has been almost totally rewritten since the 1st edition to reflect both our much greater experience and the dramatic changes in offshore boats and equipment over the past decade. You can see a complete table of contents when you click on The Voyager's Handbook button.

“Belongs in the bookshelf of every cruising vessel.” – Blue Water Sailing

“Required reading. Beth Leonard is a fresh and authoritative voice.” – SAIL

If you own the 1st edition of The Voyager's Handbook and want to know if you should get the 2nd edition Click here.

Blue Horizon cover

Blue Horizons chronicles seven years of high latitude voyaging aboard Hawk in a series of essays describing our discoveries about ourselves and the world. Travel with us from Iceland to Cape Horn; join us for a two-month, 9,000 nautical mile passage through the Southern Ocean; and sail with us under all five Great Southern Capes.

BIG NEWS: Beth's "Blue Horizons" has won the Outdoor Literature category of the 2007 National Outdoor Book Awards.  Its the first time a sailing book has won the Literature prize. See the announcement on the NOBA website ( ).

“She puts us right there in the cockpit and on the wharf of a new destination, showing us a world in which ‘perfection’ is not bland, easy, escapist comfort in a crowded tropical harbor but a more insecure yet more rewarding existence of constant challenge – cold waters, rocky coves, demanding seamanship, and the evolution of two sailors trying to manage a boat and also their own relationship.” – John Rousmaniere, author of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship  

“I almost never read aloud but found myself over and over compelled to say ‘Listen to this.’ It is that wise, that perceptive, that wonderful.” – Don Casey, author of This Old Boat

Following Seas

Following Seas chronicles our first three-year tropical circumnavigation. This voyage around the world changed our values, strengthened our relationship, and taught us to tread much more lightly on the planet. Illustrated with dozens of color photographs.

“Beth Leonard takes her readers on several voyages at once: personal, social, and historical…  We are carried along with Beth and her partner Evans, through calms, storms, and days of unbounded joy until we realize, with them, how much the sea can test us and change our lives.”

—Patience Wales, Editor, SAIL magazine

The Secret of the Sea

'Wouldst thou'—so the helmsman answered— 'Learn the secret of the sea? Only those who brave its dangers Comprehend its mystery!'

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow